Il particolare

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Il Particolare

1er janvier 2012

Il Particolare

Numéro 24 - 2010/2011
Cahier : Philippe Beck
Articles de Jan Baetens, Philippe Beck, Yves di Manno, Thomas Schestag,, Gérard Tessier et Tim Trzaskalik, Pierre Vinclair,, Judith Balso, Yves Boudier, Tristan Hordé, Aurélie Loiseleur, Ettore Labbate, David Christoffel.

de l’instant


Had I been there
Looking across at the glacier
And wondering why it recedes
And does not advance,
I would surely have gone
To the little cafe on the wharf
And lunched on fresh halibut.
I would have been
Where I ought to have been,
In my mind, fishing deep waters.

N. Scott Momaday, « Juneau », apulée, Éditions Zulma, 2021.